Why is it important to shop locally?

In general, we can get information about fashion through many areas and channels, e.g. street wear shops, street fashion blogs and other diverse portals and platforms.


At the same time, it would be important to support new (small) fair companies so that they have the chance to develop further and prove themselves in the fashion world, so that the (entire) fashion world of tomorrow, including production, can hopefully be steered in a fair direction.

This means that when selecting the place of purchase, it would be important to keep the following criteria in mind:

The place where we shop should be eco-friendly and use organic products.

If plastic and polyester are used in manufacturing, they should ideally be made from recycled materials.

For an environmentally friendly future, it is our responsibility to be careful about where we ultimately source our clothes. Because probably none of us wants to wear clothes that are manufactured under inhumane working conditions.

Buying locally creates new opportunities that are both environmentally friendly and contribute to the local economy.


I hope this short blog post was somewhat informative. Don't forget to contact me if you have any further thoughts on this topic.



*Our focus is on Sustainable Street Fashion/Street Style/Street Wear/Vienna





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